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KLP MAMAN's training division specializes in combat, intelligence and Security training based on many years experience in both governmental and private sectors. Our Instructors - Senior combat instructors: Former members of Israel's state training systems (ISA, IDF, Police), with different areas of expertise (snipers, counter-terrorism, demolition and bomb disposal, etc.) And experience at the highest levels in Israel and abroad - Senior contact combat instructors: Former members of Israel's state training systems, experts in hand-to-hand combat without the use of firearms, and possessing the highest levels of experience in Israel and abroad. - Security instructors: Former members of state units (Dignitary Protection, Aviation Security, Prime Minister's Office, the ISA Security Training School) with different specializations (preventive security, driving, operational planning, security checks, bomb sweeping, etc.)
KLP News
“KLP MAMAN is standing at the frontline of the international security industry. Providing GO’S, NGO’S and privet companies with our unique approach experience and know-how. Our team is committed to ensure it clients a better tomorrow.” Iftach Kissos Chief Executive Officer
2017 Company Profile
KLP MAMAN is proud to present our new 2017 company profile presentation
"Mekomi" APP
corporation became one of our top priorities driven by our ideology to expand our professional capacity with technologies promoting our subsidiaries. We are proud to present our community messaging system APP “Mekomi” directed to emergency control and efficiency tuned to the Israeli Authorities.
Protocols and adaptation
Considering the renewal of technologies in the face of increased risk: In 2017 “KLP MAMAN” renewed the protocols and adaptation for its clients, authorities and private companies.
Red timing
In the first quarter of 2017 KLP Maman operates several red timing penetration tests to its client in different intricacy.

KLP MAMAN offre à ses clients un logiciel unique etinnovant qui identifie et met en évidence les événements irréguliers dansl'organisation. Le logiciel rassemble les données de tous les systèmesinformatiques de l'organisation et identifie immédiatement les défaillances et émetdes alertes pertinentes en temps réel, selon les spécifications et ladéfinition de ses événements irréguliers au sein de l'organisation. Le logicieloptimise la prévention des pertes et le dispositif de sécurité del'organisation en investissant un maximum d’entrées dans les événementsirréguliers, entraînant ainsi une économie en temps, en argent et enmain-d'œuvre. KLP MAMAN offre un système ouvert qui agit en interface et peutêtre utilisé par tous les types de systèmes de l’organisation, tels que lessystèmes logistiques de gestion, les systèmes de gestion de personnel, lessystèmes technologiques du domaine de la sécurité et de la sûreté, et plusencore.

Principales caractéristiques et avantages
1. Identification et mise en évidence des événements irréguliers.
2. Gestion et quantification des pertes.
3. Analyse et présentation des données résultant de l'optimisation par laminimisation des pertes au sein de l'organisation.
4. Adaptation des données reçues des systèmes informatiques pour les systèmesde vidéosurveillance.